Sunday 15 May 2022

Sweet Violets...

 Sweet Violets,

Sweeter than all the Roses.

Covered all over from head to toe, 

Covered all over with Sweet Violets....

Anyone remember that old song?

The chorus is taken from the song "Sweet Violets" by Joseph Emmet, from his 1882 play Fritz Among the Gypsies. The song was recorded by Dinah Shore with Henri René's Orchestra & Chorus in Hollywood on May 20, 1951. Sweet Violets was released by RCA Victor Records as catalog number 20-4174A (78 rpm record), 47-4174A (single) (in USA), by EMI on the His Master's Voice label as catalog number B 10115 in the UK, and EA 3997 in Australia.


  1. Not a song I think I have ever heard.
    I do love violets - and was amazed to see one in flower here. Months too early, as we are still in autumn.

  2. I remember the song, and we have violets that I do not find all that sweet. 😀

  3. I remember it for sure. I like violets!

  4. Love it...I guess I really am an old soul. I remember singing this as a kid and now it's going to play in my head all day.. Sue

  5. When I listened to the song it makes me realise why Rock and Roll was so shocking and different. :D

  6. There is another song which is based on Sweet Violets but is almost NSFW

  7. I don't recall the song but I remember loving to pick violets when I was a child. Where I live now in Southern California we don't have violets growing wild in our yards. We hardly have yards anymore given the drought we're experiencing.

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