Friday, 22 May 2009

Summer's Almost Here.....

I paid a visit to one of the larger plant nurseries in my neighbourhood. I lost count of the number of greenhouses under one roof. It's huge! The place was swarming with people stocking their flower and veggie gardens for the coming summer, although these pics make it seem like there was no-one there but me.

All the perennials are outside and the tender colourful annuals are displayed inside the greenhouses. Most people spend quite a lot on annuals for their flowerbeds, and of course, the tender plants don't survive the severe Canadian winter.

The heavy scent of blossom hit me as I walked into the greenhouse. And the colours are stunning.

I'm not ready to buy annuals yet, it's quite cool at night and we can still experience an overnight frost in May here in Southern Ontario.

However, I did buy 2 lily bulbs... and FYI Baby update: Not here yet!


  1. I have often thought when in a garden center, to bring along my camera. Foget every time. But wish I'd brought it. Your pics say it all. Wonderfully colourful flowers. Can't wait to plant. Actually have planted some annuals in pots.
    Happy gardening!

  2. Stunning colors. I think I would go crazy there. Really like all the shots.
    Hang in there Nana...all in good time!

  3. lovely! greenhouses can be sooo wonderful before planting outside can start. that's some town you live in! having a gorgeous place like that nearby.

  4. I was just wondering about the baby!

    Such stunning colors, i love it! Can't help but feel happy in a garden so full of beauty, i bet.

    happy weekend!

  5. When I clicked your address, I got in the same moment a comment from you! What a coincidence or was it something else?? :)
    We can also say, that a summer is almost here. Bird cheries started yesterday to flower.

    Warm, sunny weekend to you!
    And now I am waiting also for your new grandchild, you get my warm thoughts!

  6. Wow. lovely flowers, I bet the place smelt almost as good as a Combe Martin Strawberry field! Thanks for visiting my blog and sorry I have not been around for a while!

    It is bank holiday weekend here, Monday off! Yipeee!!

  7. Wow, what an enormous centre this is and what some colours. Thanks for sharing

  8. Those flowers look absolutely gorgeous. Must have been wonderful to wander around in there.

  9. How beautiful those flowers are! I'm in Belfast now, same show. We get 6 weeks off in summer, so I'll go buy a few potted flowers for our (tiny!) balcony, you've inspired me!

  10. The nice thing about Baby News is that they do finally pop out. :D

  11. That's quite an extensive greenhouse.. and so colourful. It won't be long until that baby is in bloom too. :)

  12. What a GORGEOUS Nursury....Everything Blooming and so colorful! I can see how you would want to come to this nursery EVERY day!! (lol) These are great pictures, my dear....Thanks for this wonderfully colorful Post!

    Baby Still Not Here...Oh My!

  13. I'm not so good at floral photography, but after looking at these colorful pictures I'm gonna give it a try soon... Thanks for sharing...

  14. This is my world.
    I'm helpless when visiting Green Houses during the Spring.
    Allways "broke" when leaving. LOL.

    btw. Sorry I haven't commented very much in the past.
    Simply to much work. (8 am until midnight)


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