Monday, 17 January 2011

On The Table #1

Fellow blogger Madretz in San Francisco has suggested a Monday blog theme of "On The Table", pictures taken from a table viewpoint.

I can't guarantee that I'll be posting one of these every Monday, but here's a start.
My dinner at Saturday's Rabbie Burns Night. Roast beef, horseradish, HAGGIS, coleslaw, mashed tatties, green peas, chappit neeps, and gravy!
I can't believe I ate the whole thing!!!!


  1. Oh my, that looks good. I haven't had haggis but I'm dying to try it at least once.

    My dinner was a little boring last night. It was whole wheat pasta with spicy tomato sauce, salad and clementines.

  2. Looking at that plate full I can't believe you ate it all either!

    It did look good though!

  3. Looks delicious, hold the haggis! :D

    I'm so excited that you're gonna play even if it's just every now and then! I haven't posted mine yet, planning on going out to dinner so hoping to post something yummy to share.

  4. Fun to being doing the On the Table challenge with you! Like you, I'm not positive I'll get it every Monday...but I'll strive for it. Never had haggis and not sure I'd be adventurous enough to try!

  5. And I'll bet you enjoyed every bit of it!

  6. HAHAHA! Not sure I'd eat the Haggis but everything else looks delish! Great idea.

  7. What's chapitts neeps?
    Looks like good comfort food to me.

  8. I cannot believe it's this late in January already!

    Yes, we should meet for coffee sometime. BUT in better weather. :)

  9. Happy Belated Rabbie Burns Day!


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