Saturday, 22 January 2011

What am I Bid?

I spent today in a local Community Hall at an auction.

I wasn't aiming to buy anything in particular. You don't really have to spend money to have fun at an auction. You just have to sit there and if you see something you'd like to take home, wave your card at the auctioneer. It's that easy.

It's a great place to do some people watching. The scruffy guy who spent $500 on a piece of Inuit art... is he a dealer, or will that painting grace his wall at home? And that lady in the fur coat.... what will she do with that "thingummijig" that she bought?

And those three burly chaps in the back row..... one with green hair curling under his ball cap, one with arms covered in tattoos and the other one's face adorned with threatening looking spikes either side of his mouth.... what are they going to do with that huge box of WW1 books and encyclopedias?

I had my eye on a 1920's glass fronted bookcase, but it went too expensive for me.
So this time, I walked away from the sale emptyhanded, but just wait until next time.


  1. We're actually getting ready to put some of our "treasures" at an auction too. Slowly we are divesting ourselves of STUFF!! Oh what a job. I think it multiplies while in the boxes in the garage. Good for you not getting carried away. Hope you can find the piece of furniture you want.
    Have a great day my friend.

  2. Hi,
    I am so glad to hear from you and thanks for stopping by my blog. I have been loving your last few posts. I have never eaten haggis but it reminds me a bit of the meat puddings from Nfld., done in a sausage type casing. Love the auction pictures and look forward to what is on your table.

  3. :) Any guitar buffs in the Western New York area will be happy to hear that the Western New York Guitar Show & Swap Meet is having another show on April 3rd, 2011 at Hearthstone Manor, 333 Dick Rd., Depew, NY

    You can find their page here at:

  4. I love that littke covered Royal Crown Derby Box in your last picture...Those are the kinds of things I would by at Auctions and Thrift Shope....But, I agree, it is just great fun to sit and watch people and to look at everything that is being auctioned off, too!

  5. I know what you mean, Sham, about auctions. They really are almost more about watching and experiencing the ethos than anything else. If you also end up with a treasure, all the more wonderful.

  6. Sounds like a fun way to spend the day. I would be afraid that I'd get all animated while holding the card and buy something inadvertently. ;)


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