Sunday, 26 February 2012

Dragon Trouble

Mummy:  So, Callum, what kind of cake would you like for your FOURTH birthday?
Callum:  I want a Dragon!
Mummy:  A dragon! Are you sure?
Callum:  Yes, I want a really big green dragon and I want him to be very very scary and breathing fire out of his nose and I want him next to a police car.
Mummy:  Next to a police car?
Callum:  Yes, standing next to a police car and breathing fire on the police car and I want his tail to have broken the police car window and the policeman is trying to arrest the dragon.
Mummy (hoping he'll forget):  Oh my goodness. That would be quite a birthday cake!

But he didn't forget.

The chocolate spike at the end of the dragon's tail had shattered the police car's back window, as requested, but Callum ate it before he got to the party.

The Equestrienne did a fantastic job, right?


  1. A brilliant job...what a task to try and make a cake with all those requirements! - and there it is with everyting requested...good job done and I guess Callum was thrilled.

  2. That is certainly a labour of love.

  3. What an imaginative little boy and what a clever Mum - the cake is amazing. I bet she had one happy little birthday boy.

  4. Even as an adult Buddy has a thing for DRAGONS and this year is quite the year!
    Hope the birthday was a cake was a hit:)

  5. LOL, LOL...That is a pretty amazing cake...! A Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to dear Callum....I cannot belueve he is FOUR!!! I remember when he was born...!
    I LOVE that you keep those wonderful 'calendar' thingy's on your Blog---It is a great reminder of Life and Growth....!

  6. holy toledo! that's a TV CAKE CHEF quality b'day cake! what kind was it?

    Happy birthday to Callum! It just doesn't seem possible he's FOUR already! Next will come SKOOL!!

  7. Belated birthday wishes to Callum. He has a very talented Mum that's for sure. She did a great job, I'll bet he loved it!
    hugs ♥

  8. I'm afraid that Callum is on the way to get spoiled! Well... kids and grandkids may be spoiled! :-)

  9. That's adorable. I can remember so many tall orders from my little ones also. She did a fine job of it.

  10. A Very Happy Birthday to Callum!
    What an amazing and creative cake!
    My best wishes to all the family.

  11. I’m happy that Callum turned 4 pleased and satisfied. I’m amazed with his imaginative and descriptive ability. You must be proud of both Callum and his mom.


  12. Fantastic! Truly amazing cake!

  13. Oh my goodness!! What an imagination and what a fantastic Mom Callum has.
    That's one amazing birthday cake.
    4 years old??? He's going to go far I think.

  14. Shammickite, that birthday cake is great! I'll bet he loved it - Dave

  15. Wowie!!!! What a cake! Happy Birthday Callum. Can't believe he's 4 already!

  16. I'm envious! I always wanted to try my hand at cake decorating. Mother and son, both so creative and imaginative!


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