Sunday, 19 February 2012

Scaredy Cat... er, I mean Dog

I took Tessa the DoodleDog walking along the snowy trails of York Regional Forest this morning. The sun was shining , the sky was blue and the snow was sparkling, it was gorgeous.
We hadn't gone far when a sleigh pulled by two big draught horses pulled out of a side trail, sleigh bells jingling and the horses snorting steam .
Tessa stopped in her tracks, made a couple of half-hearted woofs, then turned tail and ran for her life!

This photo is borrowed from the internet, but shows exactly what Tessa saw coming towards her. VERY SCARY!
I called her but no, she decided she wasn't going anywhere near that scary apparition.
The sleigh driver told me to hop into the sleigh and he'd take me to get her, but when we got to a fork in the trail, Tessa headed right, and the sleigh driver headed left, hoping she would follow, but of course, she didn't.
I knew that both trails led back to the parking area, and I thought she might have gone back to the car, but no luck.
I said goodbye to the sleigh driver, patted the horses, and headed down the trail where I had last seen her, calling her name all the way, and feeling pretty silly.
By this time I was starting to get worried and had visions of trudging along the snowy trails all day looking for a panicking Golden Doodle. And even worse, going home without her and explaining to YoungerSon and The Bride that I'd lost their beloved dog.
When I got close to the place we had first encountered the sleigh, she bounded out of the trees, tongue lolling and totally out of breath. Sensible dog.... she had gone back to where she last saw me. Thank goodness!!
She stuck very close to me for the rest of the walk.
Well, at least I got a horsedrawn sleighride complete with jingle bells through the forest.... I don't have the opportunity to enjoy that very often!


  1. Must have been a scary site for a house dog - but you got a sleigh ride, Wow!

  2. Exciting for you, NOT so exciting for dear Tessa...! I love that there was a Horse Drawn sleigh---That had to be fun...! And how smart of Tessa to return to where she first got frightened.
    Alls Well That Ends Well, yes?

  3. what an adventure! for the both of you!

  4. Yes, Shammickite, that sleigh ride was a nice interlude for you - Dave

  5. What a fabulous story from beginning to end, Sham...especially after finding out Tessa was found! YAY.

  6. :)
    Excuse me Dear Fenella but I am laughing - of course not before I saw happy ending :)

    This could be as scary to our Kiki I suppose.

    Wintry greetings from our holiday weeks- we are very busy next two weeks with grandchildren.

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  8. I tried to put right four times word verification and after that my comment came twice.
    It is really difficult sometimes to get through with those words!

  9. Очень приятно, что у этой истории хороший конец.
    Привет из Украины.

  10. Poor Tessa, she must have been terrified, but so glad she went back...phew! I am completely envious of your sleigh ride though, must have been brilliant - and for free! Next month I start back at Arlington Court helping with the carriage rides, although I don't drive these days, but I can't wait to help out.

  11. What a clever Tessa to come back to find you and lucky you getting such an exciting ride.

  12. I just had a similar dog experience but without the fun of the sleigh ride!What a beautiful sight that must have been.
    I'm glad Tessa turned up safe and sound, as did our grand dog!

  13. So glad to hear you found Tessa (or Tessa found you!) I was afraid this was going to have a sad ending...

  14. I was wondering if you still had occasions with Tessa.
    Our kids Labradoodle, Snicker had her 2nd litter in November. Probably one more set of puppies and the breeder will relinquish the rights and my son and family will own her outright.
    I think Snicker would have reacted just as Tessa did. Great story and lucky you, a sleigh fun.

  15. I agree with Leena, this new word verification is awful. Sometimes after 2 attempts, I just give up. The letters are just too hard to read. Maybe a "robot" could do it better. (the header before the verification says please prove you're not a robot!

  16. What a great story and most of it the sleigh ride! I did not know there were still sleigh riders in 2012! I thought that was just in carols…. I also like to go to thrift stores – even though my house is full and I should not buy a thing. I’d like to sample your shortbread – I would make your recipe but I don’t have a pan like yours. How did it turn out?

  17. too funny!! If i saw something like that coming at me through the trees, I'd run, too! glad she came back in one piece so you didn't have any splainin' to do.......


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