Sunday, 10 July 2011

In a Canadian Country Garden

Have you ever been on a garden tour?
I had the opportunity to visit seven beautiful gardens and an artist's studio in the nearby village of Claremont this weekend.

Each garden was different. Some were formal and pristine, with each plant named and in it's proper place in the flower bed. Some were a wild profusion of colour and texture, as if the garden had just happened on it's own, without any human intervention.
Some were cool and shady with ancient trees and acres of green velvety lawn, and others were bathed in sunshine.

Unfortunately my camera battery died after the first three pictures, or you might have to plough through many more photos of flowers.

The tour ended with buttered scones and strawberry jam, and cups of tea served in delicate bone china teacups. Proceeds are going to Breast Cancer Research.
I'm not a very lucky person and whenever I buy a raffle ticket, I never expect to win, but guess what.... this time I won a prize! A lovely ceramic planter filled with nasturtiums, peppers, basil, chives and a mini cucumber vine.
A truly delightful afternoon.


  1. Atleast you got 'some' photos, and so glad you did. Must have been a good day. The blue building looks so pretty. What a thrill to win a prize too!.........regards ann.

  2. Too bad the battery died but what you've shown, along with the text, is a great 'picture' of what you experienced. The scones would have been the frosting on the cake for me. :)

  3. Only three photos, but they already give a perfect impression of the nice tour you made! :-)

  4. what a wonderful idea! And I'm sure you captured the memories in your heart even if you couldn't capture them with a snapshot.

  5. All that beauty and a PRIZE, too?? I'd say you are a lucky duck!!

  6. That last house is exactly what I would like a home of mine to look like someday, just overflowing with lovely flowers and other plants in the front and side yards. Very lovely.

  7. I bet it was ALL Gorgeous...From the pictures you did get...It all looks very very beautiful.
    Suggestion: Always carry a spare set of Batteries with you...That is what I do, and that way you never run out!
    CONHRATS on your Prize! It sounds gorgeous!

  8. You got some photos and some very good ones at that! Very nice!

  9. Except for the battery dying, that sounds like a perfect day.

  10. Congratulations on winning such a nice prize! Garden tours are tons of fum...unless yours is one of the gardens. :)) Four of my friends were on a tour in June and I heard a LOT about their trials and tribulations.

  11. Thanks for visiting Bangor Daily Photo. Yes, I'm back after a short absence.

    Hope all is well with you and the family. I'm enjoying reading your entries esp. the latest one on diaper change. :)


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