Thursday, 7 July 2011


S'mores..... the perfect food for munching round the campfire after a BBQ.

First, go off into the bushes to find some nice pointed sticks. When you have found the perfect stick, impale a large marshmallow on the end and toast in the embers until soft and gooey and perhaps just a little bit singed around the edges.

We love S'mores and we want s'more!

Prepare your S'more by sandwiching a large piece of chocolate (dark or milk chocolate, it doesn't matter, it's all good) between two graham crackers, and when the marshmallow has reached just the right consistency of gooiness, plonk it on top of the chocolate and gently squeeze the graham crackers together.

The heat of the marshmallow will melt the chocolate just enough to ooze out of the middle of the S'more along with the melty marshamallow.

I think you'll agree this provides all the food groups necessary for survival in the back yard after a hearty Canada Day BBQ.


  1. Delicious, gooey, fun to make...involves fire! I think my nephews love them as much as your gboys!

  2. LOL, LOL, LOL.....I LOVE This! You won't believe it, but I have NEVER had a S'MORES!! Never. And I am a Chocolate--DARK PLEASE---Lover....They sound so deeeeee-licious! And I love your description of the food groups---(lol) AND, the pictures....They-Are-PERFECT, my dear...Absolutely Perfect!

    My Verification word is perfect, too...."GOOLOS"....LOL!

  3. Oh yum. I love smores. And the only thing that looks more delicious are those beautiful faces enjoying them.

  4. S'mores certainly fit all of MY necessary food groups!
    Smores bring back so many good memories of family camping trips and BBQ's.
    Sticky, messy, chocolatey goodness.

  5. I've never heard of a s'mores, let alone eaten one, but it looks good!

  6. :)
    I watched Isaac`s driving and was a little afraid - of course, always worrying too much because of those little ones :)
    I have never seen marshmallows or S`mores, but their eating bring some fun moments to children as my strawberry crepes to grandchildren, I suppose :)
    Melli and Mikael just left us :(

    Happy Sunday to you and yours!

  7. S'mores! Nothing like them in the whole wide world. Am looking forward to my share of them at the cabin in the Georgia mountains come October. :)


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