Friday, 30 September 2011


OlderSon had a significant birthday recently, so we had a party to mark the occasion. And what's a birthday party without cupcakes?

Callum: I want a lellow one, please.
Daddy: Say YES.
Callum: Yes
Daddy: Say Yellow.
Callum: Lellow.
Daddy: Say YES.
Callum: Yes.
Daddy: Say YELLOW.
Callum: LELLOW.
Daddy: say Y.... oh well... Have a cupcake.
 Meanwhile Isaac made short work of his multicoloured choice.


  1. look what! Very nice too and glad you have kept your gk's ages going, that is such a nice touch. Had to laugh with the lellow!...our son used to say 'dargon' for aeroplanes...No, we have no idea either. all the best, ann :)

  2. I'm glad you kept those ages measures on your New Look (Very Nice) too.....They are informative and colorful and a reminder of how quickly time gors by...!
    The pictures do that too....Both these boys are growing by leaps and bounds, as they say....

    Very funny about the "Y" and "Lellow"....Sweet, too...!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your son, by the way.

  3. They're amazing, aren't they. They can hear it, but they can't say it. My daughter, Sarah, used to substitute a t for the k sound.

    I asked her one day if she wanted her drink in her "tup" and she said, "no, in my tup." Ella for the longest time was Ewwa the Bewwa. We hated it when she finally got it right.

  4. The opposite as young Muppet had trouble with her "L's" so Linda became Ninny and it's stuck.

  5. Awww what a sweetie. I would have handed it right over at "please." :)

  6. Your boys are every bit as gorgeous as their names are! I'll bet they keep you busy, tho'? My Sweet Sam still hates mushrooms, and for the life of me I can never fathom why he calls them "moths" (shaking my head)..

  7. Oh, they are so adorable! I wonder "y" is difficult for the infants to pronounce? As a non-native speaker "ear" is easy to pronounce but "year" is difficult as we don't have that sound in our syllabary.

    My 10-month-old granddaughter has quite a repertoire of sounds which we like to think are words.

  8. No Matter. He's enjoying those cup cakes - Dave

  9. When I was a kid I couldn't pronounce soldier.

    Which was very harsh as, despite the amount of times I would ask, none of my friends wanted to play, "shoulders!"

  10. That's hysterical, Sham...the lellow/yellow conversation. It's so funny how we hear things, isn't it!

  11. what adorable boys....and sounds out of Callum's mouth! the cupcakes look pretty cute, too. especially the lellow one.


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