Thursday, 1 September 2011


A pinch and a punch, the first of the month.
And No Returns! Of Any Kind!

Does that take you back to your school days? The first of the month was always a good excuse to pinch and punch and otherwise abuse your friends (and enemies) and if you said it before they did, they couldn't legally get you back until next month. The law of the school playground.

September's here. Labour Day is the last long weekend of the summer and school resumes on Tuesday. Bye bye summer. I'm always sad to see the summer go, but September is beautiful. The leaves start to turn to red and gold, and the evenings have that chilly bite that makes me dig out those sweaters I packed away in the spring.

This is the sky yesterday morning at 6:00.a.m. when the sun came up.... stunning!

This weekend I spent an afternoon at Sharon Temple. If you're interested in this elegant building's history, I blogged about it here.

It's open to the public all summer, and is the venue for a variety of open air concerts, recitals and arts and crafts shows. There's a penny carnival in July when all the games activities and competitions cost just a penny. (Note to self.... must remember that for next year!)

Last weekend, it was home to a 3 day quilt show held by the local Gwillimbury Quilt Guild.

The inside of the Temple was transformed into a colourful display of hand made quilts, beautifully lit by the sun streaming in the huge windows. I wandered round with my camera, recording the colour combinations and patterns, hoping to take home some inspiration for future projects.

When I had enough of quilt admiration, I got myself a coffee and a yummy lemon cranberry muffin from the coffee shop across the road, and relaxed on a shady bench under a huge 100 year old maple tree in the Temple grounds..... a lovely end to a sunny afternoon.


  1. Lovely post! When I saw "school days," I thought, "Oh, no! One of the boys is going to school already!"

    Glad it was just about schoolyard mayhem and a lovely quilt display.

  2. I bet you were the first kid to do the pinching and punching! I was always too slow:( and had forgotten by the next month...boohoo((((
    The quilt show looked impressive and the building too for that matter. Oh, and I see the twins are now 26 days old...where does this time go.

  3. That's a well preserved monument to the past, but I've never hear that pinch and punch ditty. :)

  4. I'm also welcoming in September with open arms. September and October are our warmest months. July and August were cold and foggy. I know that SF is notorious for having freezing cold summers but it's taking a bit of getting used to, though I admit I already prefer the cool to the hot.

    That sunrise photo is stunning and I know you will create some more stunning quilts with the inspiration you got from this showing.

  5. Never heard that pinch and a punch but I am aware of the Sharon temple. I have friends who lived in Sharon for a number of years. We never did visit the temple though, so thanks for the peek inside.

  6. It sounds perfectly lovely.
    I really don't know where summer has gone. It seems I just changed the calendar to August and now its September.
    My Granddaughters have been back at school since August 10th. Now that just doesn't seem you think???
    I don't remember that school rhyme at all. So glad we were'nt pinched and punched.

  7. The reason you don't remember that school rhyme is because my school yard was in England.... that's why Ann also remembers it (second comment).

  8. I remember the rhyme very well - we must be more violent in Blighty!

    My boy starts school on Tuesday. I can't believe he is almost five.

  9. Go on enjoying these good times Shammickite - Dave

  10. Looks like you had an enjoyable, relaxing weekend welcomed by the glorious morning sunrise. Each and every quilt is priceless due to love contained in stiches. Did you get inspiration for your new quilt?

    School year starts in April in Japan. At the end of August when the second term was approaching, I was in a hurry to finish assignments... long time ago, but still remember. There's something lonely at the end of summer but our summer is terribly muggy, so autumn makes up for the heat of summer. I’m waiting impatiently.


  11. I used to attend the quilt show in Cannington and just loved the craftsmanship that went into them. The display you showed looks awesome.

  12. I remember "Red sky in morning, sailor take warning." Did that hold true?

  13. Love that photo of the sunrise! So beautiful!!

    I can't believe summer is over either, although the calendar say Sept. 21st, so we still have a few weeks left.

  14. Your quilt exhibition reminded me of the stained-glass exhibition I posted about recently, Sham. How lovely. I know you got inspired all over again...just like you needed, right?!

  15. Beautiful Sunrise, my dear.....That Temple is a lovely place from the outside---And I gather that often there are great things going on inside, too...!
    Were there any wonderful Quilts there that day? Hard to tell from the pictures....You could have a show of all the Quilts you have made and, no doubt, will continue to make!

  16. The previous Septembers we had were filled with good weather. Now it's been storming almost a week!

    Anyway, lovely photos and those quilts look so gorgeous, warm and fuzzy :)

  17. I love the changing leaves and the smells of the new school season. When I smell a fresh box of Crayolas, it takes me way back.

    That sky was a beautiful sight, too!

  18. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!


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