Friday, 10 February 2012

An Auction and Spaghetti

Well.... so much for my resolution of blog posting every couple of days through January. I only made it to 13 posts, and my record for February has been even worse so far.

I've been spending money again.... well, not very much money. I went to an auction sale and came home with this lovely little child's rocking chair. The cushion isn't very exciting, so I'll be making a nice new one, now that my faithful Singer sewing machine (purchased in 1967)  has been repaired. Oh, I didn't tell you that it was broken? It was making very unhappy noises, and suddenly produced a loud "Clunk!" and seized up. Well, after working diligently for 45 years without any major maintenance, I'm not really surprised.

Another Family Spaghetti Dinner took place in the local Community Hall this week. A couple of young families band together every few weeks and produce a magnificent spaghetti dinner for the amazing price of $1.00 per person. This is the fifth time they have done this.

On the menu: Spaghetti with tomato & meat sauce, mixed salad and a choice of salad dressing, buttered bread, lots of different desserts including cupcakes, rice krispie squares, brownies, cookies, and then coffee, tea or lemonade to wash it all down.

And if that's not enough to fill you up, you're welcome to go for a second helping!

Just put your money in the donation box, nobody checks the amount you're putting in. I should think most people put in more than $1.00, I certainly do. Long tables are set up and you just sit down next to whoever's already there and start chatting. There might be a neighbour sitting there, or a newcomer to town, it's a great way to make new friends. The money goes to the local Food Bank, with just enough left over to buy the ingredients for the next Family Spaghetti Dinner!


  1. Your Spaghetti Dinner sounds like a great community idea - real fun and very sociable!

    What is this 'Community food bank'? Please explain what that is all about?

  2. What a lovely get together and great idea for all. Is your town very big - just wondered. Is the chair destined for the soon-to-be birthday boy? Think that's enough questions for

  3. Blog block I call it.

    Amazing what a few drops of oil splashed around inside MP's Janome does for the clunking.

  4. well, now i'm missing FMOW. they used to have lovely potlucks frequently. and someone always made spaghetti!!

  5. What a truly wonderful idea and such a great way to accomplish a number of important things---Not the least of which is Helping To Feed People Who Wouldn't Have Any Food, Otherwise!

    I cannot believe Callum will be 4 years old in just a few days...! Time is fleeting by...!

  6. I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering where you were!
    Love that little chair, perfect for little grandchildren.
    That little person seems to be really enjoying his 'biscetti'..
    my kids always did too.
    Hus ♥♥

  7. I love this sense of community. I barely know the names of my neighbors. we don't say anything more than hello to each other in the hallways. it's always silent and awkward in the elevators except for the cursory "hello" or "have a good evening". That's the bad part about living in a big city.

  8. Your spaghetti lunch is a great idea and the money goes to such a good cause. Your grandsons seem to be enjoying their lunch - oh, and they are both absolutely gorgeous. Love the rocking chair

  9. Family Spaghetti Dinner is a great community activity. Who are the organizers? Some people volunteered? In my local community, residents’ association plans and carries on events. Residents take turn taking care of the association. The rocking chair is nice! I’m sure you’ll make a lovely cushion.


  10. That's a great community activity Shammickite - Dave

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  12. What a fantastic idea, Spaghetti Dinner, sadly not sure it would take off here,as this is a village of 'Meat & Potato' Families!!
    Love the little rocking chair!

  13. I absolutely LOVE the idea, Sham, especially if the g'kids can enjoy the fun! I'd certainly be there if I could. DUH! It's a no-brainer, even if you chip in more!!!

  14. I could definitely see myself, as a child, loving a nice curl-up in that chair. Warm and beautiful.

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  17. Cute rocker! I bet it will get used too! :)

  18. Thank you for supporting your local Food Bank!

    Wow, that Singer went 45 years so far? I remember the fascination I had as a child with how the machine can make stitches that don't come apart. They don't make stuff like that anymore, do they?

  19. What a wonderful idea! Having a spaghetti dinner that brings people together (and is very affordable).

    Love that wicker rocker. I have one very much like that - in adult size, not child size.

    Can't wait to see the cushion you make for it.
    Love the grands - they're growing up!

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