Monday, 31 December 2018

2018 Reading List

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As usual, the list of books I've read this year of 2018, although I may have missed noting some of them, like the cookbooks and the art books. Have you read any of these? And also as usual.....   Canadian authors in BLUEBritish authors in REDAmerican authors in GREENAustralian and New Zealand authors in PURPLE.

The German Girl - Armando Lucas Correa
The Valley of Amazement - Amy Tan

The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter - Theodora Goss
Small Admissions - Amy Poeppel
The Good People - Hannah Kent
The Sealed Letter - Emma Donaghue (DNF)
Into the Water - Paula Hawkins
The Wonder - Emma Donaghue

Commonwealth - Ann Patchett
Minds of Winter - Ed O'Laughlin

Galore - Michael Crummey
Half the World Away - Cath Staincliffe
Smashed, Mashed, Boiled and Baked - Raghavan Iyer
The Almost Mood - Alice Sebold
Men Walking on Water - Emily Schultz
Alphouse - Carl Sever (DNF)

Gone Astray - Michelle Davies
The Book of Lies - Mary Horlock (DNF)
Victoria - Daisy Goodwin

Boy, 9, Missing - Nic Joseph
The Stowaway - Robert Hough
The Kingmaker's Daughter - Philippa Gregory

The Keeper of Secrets - Julie Thomas
Eva Moves the Furniture - Margot Livesey
Small Great Things - Jodi Picault

Fifteen Dogs - Andre Alexis (DNF 2nd attempt at reading this but it's horrible.)
Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell (3rd time reading this)
Slade House - David Mitchell (2nd time reading this)
Life after Life - Kate Atkinson (2nd time reading this)

The Ready Made Thief - Augustus Rose
Do Not Become Alarmed - Maile Maloy
That Old Ace in the Hole - Annie Proulx
First Snow, Last Light - Wayne Johnstone
The Italian Wife - Ann Hood
Her Every Fear - Peter Swanson

Mr Peanut - Adam Ross
All the Beautiful Lies - Peter Swanson

Brave Deeds - David Abrams
A French Wedding - Hannah Tunnecliffe
Perfect - Rachel Joyce

Transcription - Kate Atkinson
Erebus - Michael Palin
Home Fire - Kamila Shamsie
A Circle of Wives - Alice LaPlante
The Orenda - Joseph Boyden (second time reading)

And to start the New Year off, The Truth by Sir Michael Palin (recently knighted in the Queen's New Year's Honours List, Congratulations Michael!!) is on my bedside table. Actually I'm already on chapter 4.


  1. You had quite an impressive year.

  2. Well, I'm impressed! That is quite a list. How do you find the time? I guess I could give up some golf. Nah...

    Happy New Year, my friend! Keep reading!

  3. You've certainly been a busy reader. I've recently picked up Erebus, but haven't started reading it yet.

    1. You'll enjoy EREBUS, it's an amazingly interesting read.

  4. And a very Happy New Year to you too.
    That is quite a list of reading...I must get back to doing it myself. Somehow this year has gone and my desire to read a lot has gone too.
    New effort.
    I'm glad you liked the photos of the camila flowers. No, they don't have any distinctive fragrance but the hummers really like them.
    I never thought about drying the petals. Probably if they smelled really good I would have.
    Thanks for the encouragement to keep blogging. It really is an effort sometimes but I love all the people I have gotten to know through the posts.
    New Years resolution...
    Read more and Blog...Blog...Blog...(:0)

  5. A very happy (book filled) New Year to you and yours.

  6. That's a impressive list. My wife and I read a lot too. We got rid of our tv decades ago and it was the perfect decision. I enjoy reading. Thanks for posting your books, will have to check out some of them.
    Happy 2019 to you and yours!

  7. Wow that's a whole lot of books read! Happy New year to you!

  8. From your list I have read:
    The Wonder - Emma Donaghue (really good)
    Fifteen Dogs - Andre Alexis ( sorry you didn't like it, I thought it was very good & I am not generally a dog person)
    Life after Life - Kate Atkinson (good)

    I've got my own list made, I post it on Facebook every year.

  9. You are even a "devourer" of books :). I wish you a wonderful 2019 and a dream come true, because you are certainly having it. * Thank you for a very nice comment with me and best regards.

  10. HaHa...thanks for the comment on my blog post...
    I did wish my Hubby a Happy Birthday from you.
    We had a nice quiet day...Dave doing marathon making Christmas go back into the garage and then dinner with older son and family for Dave's birthday. All in all a great way to start the new year.

  11. I've never read "Cloud Atlas," but I liked the movie. Did you see it? How did it hold up in comparison to the book?

    I love Annie Proulx. She is such a gorgeous writer. I've just started her 2016 novel "Barkskins."

  12. So amazed at how many books everyone reads. I can't sit still long enough. I started 1 book in 2018 "Girl with No Name". it's great!! but I still haven't finished it. I haven't spent enough time on trains or airplanes...pretty much the only time I read nowadays. I started it on my way home from London. My attention span lasts about 12 minutes then I have to pause (even tv/movies) then wander away for 3 1/2 hours...or 3 1/2 months.


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