Sunday, 16 December 2018

ATC Swap

My Art Groups are hosting a couple of ATC Swaps before Christmas.
What's an ATC?
ATC = Artist Trading Cards. You've probably heard of Hockey cards, or Baseball cards, or even Pokemon cards that the children collect.... well, these are similar size and shape, 2.5" x 3.5", and instead of celebrating sport, or imaginary creatures, they celebrate tiny works of art, and artists get together and trade them.
They can be totally imaginative, using paint, ink, collage, fabric, buttons, string, just about anything. Nothing too serious, just fun.
These are some of mine that will be traded this week.

After the swaps, I'll post some of the new ATCs that I recieve from other artists.


  1. At some point I've heard of the idea. The cat one is my favourite.

  2. Oh what fun.
    There is lots of whimsy to enjoy in these.

  3. I like this idea. The cat is my favorite.

  4. I wish you a magical and wonderful Christmas with your family and friends.

    Greetings from Salamanca.

  5. Now I wish I had some cards of my own to trade! These are all very well done, very cute and a pleasure to own. I'm sure you'll find lots of takers. I've not heard of this event, but I like it and hope you have a great time. I love those palm trees!

  6. Wow, what a clever idea.
    I love your choices and look forward to seeing what you got in return.
    Happy Boxing Day.

  7. Love the Mona Lisa's! And I like the palm trees, it makes me think of AZ!

  8. Thanks for your nice comments, Shammy! Hope that you did well with the trading of cards!

  9. i used to love trading ATCs. I dont think i've made one in 10 years!


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