Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Fancy Footwear and Lilies

Well, I went to the hospital and they gave me the boot, and said "Come back on Tuesday"! Once I get the hang of these crutches, I'll be mobile again.

But as I'll be staying fairly close to home for the immediate future, some more pics from the Royal Botanical Gardens... the glorious lily display.
Could these be giant Scrabble tiles?

And this is the ONLY lily I have ever grown in my own garden. This is the first year it has flowered, and I'm so proud of it, I just had to include it here!


  1. great photos! ouch for your sorry it's still hurting.

  2. Beautiful photos. The scrabble tiles look interesting.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  3. Lovely lillies. Do they smell?

    How's the foot? My broken toe is throbbing a bit but I am getting very good at hopping.

    Love Lorenzo.

  4. What a burden it must be to use a crutch, to wear a boot. But you know how to turn your attention to things that lift the heart - the lilies and iris and botanical garden photos are wonderful.

    I'd send you some seeds from Texas but I have some real doubts about how viable they'd be in your part of the world.

  5. What stylish footwear! Now everybody's gonna want one.

  6. My wife just had foot surgery with a pin through her toe, it will get better.
    Just make sure you dont bang into anything in the house.

  7. Hope you are alright with your foot now. Wishing you a very speedy recovery and these are some awesome shots...stay well!

  8. when is tuesday ? not far away, hope you are feeling better now.

    beautiful pictures, what a treat !
    Royal ?

    Thanks for your good wishes, everyone. The foot is much better today, I just have to be careful with it. Total recovery time is supposed to be 3 months according to the Doc, but I intend to be back to normal ASAP!
    Xtreme: thanks for the link to the ABC poem, it's very creative!And Lorenzo: I've heard that a large bottle of merlot can help a broken toe.... or at least it helps to dull the pain!
    And Outhouse: make sure you give your wife lots of TLC, it's the best medecine!

  10. Great way to show off a pedicure!
    Nice to hear from you! The house is coming along just fine. My hubby is the General Contractor, so we're plowing through and hope to minimize our inconvenience. We have a sweet little place in Cabbagetown - a furnished rental we're camping out in. It's working out pretty well, but kids are home from college so we're a bit cramped. It'll be better once they go back to school.
    Take care and thanks for your comments!

  11. Oh Shammickite, thanks for your tip about the Merlot. I would try it, but today, oh horror of horrors, I had to have FIVE teeth out so now I'm Lorenzo-sore-mouth.
    Drugged up with my poor mother's pain killers she used for her poorly back so I don't think too much booze would do me much good and it doesn't mix with the taste of blood! Urghh!!
    Glad the foot is feeling better.
    Love Lorenzo-s-m.

  12. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Please could I ask you and all your blog readers to take a look here there is a 13 year old girl with a brain tumour who would like to recieve cards from all over the world.

    Thank you in anticipation

  13. Charming footwear. Hope you are up and about soon.
    Gorgeous lillies and I am amazed at the variety of color.

  14. Your lillies can match any botanical garden ones...the colors are just magnificent. Your feet (both of them) look much less swollen.

  15. REPLY ALL:
    Yes, the feet do look less swollen don't they... but I still have little porky sausages instead of toes.

  16. What great photos of the flowers...
    Hope that your foot is better and you get to use those crutches with ease

  17. Those flowers are absolutely gorgeous! For some reason, until last year, lilies weren't on my radar, but now I think they are one of the prettiest flowers. I love the color of the ones growing in your yard.

  18. It's Friday and I am wondering how you and your foot are doing today?

  19. I had one of those boots about 15 years ago. I love your flower shots.

    Today is my 100th post! Please stop by.

  20. Congratulations - you won my giveaway! By the looks of it you'll have time to browse the Antique Explorer magazine - and you'll probably recognise all the places listed! Let me have your details (email contact in the sidebar of my blog) and I'll send it off early next week.

  21. Nice flowers and hopefully soon nice feet again!!

  22. Lilies are becoming a bit like tulips, with all their different kinds and hybrids. You have captured them in all their glory.

    Three months of R&R!?! Just do it!

  23. Toe is less swollen but still bruised. Still finding it difficult to walk. How's yours doing.

    I am a commercial potter. I taught blind and disabled people for quite a while. Have been chatting to Martin to see whether a post on this would be ok. Still thinking on it. We used to have one very naughty wicked guide dog who caused all sorts of trouble.

    I haven't potted for a bit, partly because I am waiting to get my kiln repaired and partly since my mother died last year I just seem to have lost all creative energy. I keep meaning to get going again. I have loads waiting to be fired, but tend to be a bit apathetic at the moment. I need a good boot to get me going again.

    I do hope your foot heals soon.
    It is so frustrating not being able to do anything, and EVEN lying on a bed reading starts to pall after a while!

  24. Hi, to answer you question on my post yesterday, its a goat not a deer. The goats are skinny and everywhere. I really didn't see them confined at all.
    Hope the foot is doing better each day.

  25. oh lovely lovely.
    i always get lily beetles and have given up.

    good luck with the crutches.


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