Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Just call me Hopalong!

I've spent the last 4 days getting used to a new form of transport.... crutches.
It's only minor surgery and looks more impressive than it really is, but it's very painful!

So I'm grounded for a while but I'll soon be on both feet again. Today it's back to the hospital to have the dressing changed and a walking boot put on.

Meanwhile I've got lots to amuse me.

Plus blogging, of course.


  1. I still have a pair of crutches here in case you need a spare pair ;)

    I hope that you recover quickly!

  2. So sorry. There is nothing worse than a sore foot and operated on sore feet are worse than all. I hope it gets better soon.

    Thanks too for stopping at my place.

    Abraham Lincoln
    My Website

  3. Glad its only minor surgery but you are still Hopalong. Hope the pain will go away soon. Take care, read lots, Knit, and blog like crazy.

  4. Well I hope you feel better soon! It looks painful, but the books and knitting look like fun. What a fine excuse for lots of blogging!

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  6. Let's try again. Just deleted my last comment as it didn't make sense!
    Your foot looks very impressive. Hope you are being spoilt rotten and being given lots of lovely treats.
    I think I broke a toe this evening through sheer carelessness! It is swollen, bent and cannot be touched without screaming.
    Hope you find you old books. They are wonderful to read through. A book I found tonight had inscribed
    in the fly leaf "to Gertrude Mary Inman from her teacher 1896". That was my grandmother who died just before I was born. It is so nice to have something so personal that belonged to her.
    You never know what you will find if you start looking!

  7. Ouch! That looks painfull! I hop (sorry, I mean hope)
    you get your dancing shoes back on soon!

  8. Ouch!!! It's a good thing you got some books to read.

  9. My sympathy....foot surgery is painful. Do not use those needles to scratch an itchy foot....read, have the Space Cadet rub your back and bring you tea.

  10. Me no likey pain.
    I'm so sorry that you're inflicted by the gimpiness - hope you'll hop back soon!

  11. hope you get back on your feet soon!

  12. Oh my gosh, i must of missed something, i didn't know you were having surgery, I hope your foot will get better, i just posted on my blog about the pain my feet were in having to work so much this past week. I have very bad feet. Dr said i would have to have surgery if i wasn't careful.
    My sympathy.

  13. Enforced relaxation can lead to lots of new and exciting hobbies!! But don't over do it!!!!!!

  14. So sorry to hear about your foot. I hope you can get some rest and catch up on some reading.

    THanks for visiting NYC Daily Photo eventhough I'm not posting regularly.

    Check back on you later when I get internet access in Beijing.

  15. Wishing you a speedy recovery. How inconvenient to be laid up in the summer. I am sure you have lots of TLC coming your way.

  16. OH NO! So sorry for the slow-down, Ex-S. However, sometimes the Universe brings them to us because we need them. So, totally enjoy the time to rest, read, knit, and be pampered!!! And do just as the doctor says. :)


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