Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Spying on the Neighbours

I've read all the books.
I'm fed up with knitting.
I can't drive anywhere, or even walk very far right now, so I have been reduced to spying on the neighbours for my entertainment.

Just a few houses away, this old wooden house has been used as a Nursery School for the past 20 years, but since the sudden death of the owner last summer, it's been "FOR SALE". It's just had new windows and a new roof in the spring, but it didn't entice any buyers as the "FOR SALE" sign is still there.
Right opposite me, this house was sold in July 2005, and has been under extensive renovation ever since... nobody living in the main part of the house right now, a young couple rents the basement apartment. Last week it got a new roof and a new chimney.

And this afternoon, I heard the BUZZ of a chain saw. My neighbours to the side were cutting down a huge tree. Enlarge at the Red Arrow.

I'm glad it's him up there, and not me!

Most of the neighbourhood houses on this street are more than 40 years old, as this is one of the originally settled parts of town, but next door to me is a 4 year old house, with new owners who moved in a couple of months ago. They already are making changes, building extra bedrooms in the basement.
And at the end of the street, there is a huge extension going onto a big brick house, probably doubling the living space.
Constant changes happening round here, that's for sure.


  1. Sometimes change is good, and sometimes it's not so . . .

  2. That's the trouble with living in the woods...can't do the spy thing. I have to wait for the twice yearly gatherings down the road to get all caught up and it just isn't the same as spying.

  3. You're obviously getting better if you're bored!

  4. Because you are bored you are looking more closely at the world around you. There are some interesting stories there for sure. I'm so glad you are recovering and will be up and around very soon.

  5. I do love the first little house. Being wooden it would be like a mini 'ark' we need them at the moment!!

  6. HA! It sounds like your own house has just appreciated in value!!! :)

  7. Catch up later, meanwhile Mum will be doing her own weeding - she's a dab hand with the hoe even with a healing right arm!!!
    Sue x

  8. like the wooden house the most, wonder why it doesn't sell? nice shots!

  9. It's not so easy to "spy" your neighbours when you live in a flat like I do. But, I start to know some of them (four months here)after a nice neighbours party that was organised in June. Now we exchange a few words and / or a smile when we meet ... and with some even a longer chat!

  10. REPLY ALL:
    I used to know everyone on the street, but so many places have changed hands recently, that it's hard to keep up!
    The cute little white house hasn't sold because it's being offered as a nursery school business. The back yard is just dirt and some kiddie climbing toys. No grass or flowers. The bathrooms are kiddie-size, the counters are kiddie-size, there really aren't any bedrooms, just kiddie rooms. And also the owner is asking an enormous amount of money, over $500,000.
    The neighbours either side of my house are nice... a close-to-retirement couple in their 50s in the new house to my right, a young couple with 2 anklebiters in the 100+ year old house to my left.
    Next to them, another 100+ year old house with 2 ladies who have created a wonderful garden from a rather bleak expense of lawn.

  11. This is happening all over. Neighbours in our village have just submitted plans to build a coach house, a tack room and a grazing box, trouble is they dont have any grass, let alone a horse! LOL!

    Oh and if you are bored...look out for something beginning with B for next Wednesday's Photo. I am doing B for basque! LOL!

  12. I like the look of the wooden house but if it equipped for little children it would probably be too expensive to convert.

    While looking for my Flower Fairy Book to quote you back a verse, I came across an old book of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner dated 1798.

    I didn't manage to cycle yesterday as I couldn't get my front tyre pumped up and it was a bit squashy. A bit like cycling on blancmange. I did manage to do a bit of gardening, just simple weeding and stuff. My friend Ann is coming to pick me up later to take me down to the local deli to have a large, stiffy, frothy one!

  13. How much is the cute little house, it would make a great place for my son to practice his drums!

  14. Hi What a cute little house - shame it is standing empty. It looks like a little gingerbread house!

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice to get to know the neighbours!

    Marie x

  15. I can't keep up with our neighbours either. This is an expat community (approx. 80%)and they are usually here on a 1-3 year contract.

    It's a pity that small house is being sold only for that purpose. Would there be enough children around to make a nursery re-open there?

  16. At my house, where my husband is recuperating from surgery, we've been watching the neighborhood action (and inaction, too). I have done a little knitting as I watch and a little listening to music and a little reading too. Sounds like it's time for a new book, new pattern to come your way. Thank goodness for amazon.com

  17. ah well i'm sorry that all of your stand-by activities are not longer entertaining, but it does seem like you're doing your best to keep you occupied. Such an interesting neighbourhood! thanks for sharing snippets of it with your readers. :)


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