Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Reconnaisance Run

We chose one of the hottest days of the summer to go to the Royal Botanical Gardens. I don't know why we did that.... it was 33C, that's 91F, with high humidity. I was melting.
I hadn't been there before and I wanted to check out The Royal Court which is where YoungerSon and The Beloved will be tying the knot in October.

It's under a canopy but is in an outdoor courtyard... with an ornamental pond and surrounding gardens. Pretty nice place for a wedding.

This is The Space Cadet's version of "tying the knot"... a perfect photo op for newlyweds.

It was so hot we had to make a pit stop for a cuppa....

... and doesn't this garden installation look comfy in spite of it's rather scary name.... "The Spider's Lair".


  1. Sorry about the heat but your family will have a lovely place to "tie the knot". Great pictures.

  2. The top of the frame looks like a spider's web. Good place to relax. Excellent pictures. 91 is winter here.

  3. What a lovely place. The weather will be nice in October, and the knot will be tied properly...tha Lair looks a bit under shaded for this time of year. Might produce a strange looking tan.

  4. It does look nice. The spider's lair. Also nice place there in photos to have the wedding.

    My wife, Patty, and I have been married for 52 years today. Imagine that.
    52 married years

  5. No 91 degrees in October! We attended an outdoor summer wedding a few years ago at which only the bride was not drenched in perspiration. She alone looked radiant, while all around were miserably hot.

  6. Wow! It is raining here in UK...AGAIN! We are entering the wedding season!


  7. Oh this looks very nice.
    It has been very hot here as well. I think that the weather is hot all over.
    I think they will have a very nice wedding.

  8. What a beautiful place for a wedding! I'm sure the weather will be a bit cooler then, though ;)

  9. What a beautiful spot for the wedding! I love it, spider's lair 'n all. What a great story about the horse too, my mum's dad used to buy horses in Coventry at auction and they'd break them in together to sell on, and she still talks lovingly of her own pony, Dolly. I begged and begged when I was little for a pony, but alas there just isn't room in central London apparently...nothing to do with the fact I couldn't take proper care of my hamster!

  10. October will to the perfect time for this perfect spot!!!


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