Sunday, 22 July 2007

Take it Easy

A lazy sunny summer weekend and I'm taking it easy under the garden umbrella. Foot up on a chair, pile of books beside me, cool drink on the table.

And when (if) I feel ambitious, I sit myself down on the grass and start weeding... tons of this purple Self-heal, or Heal-all, in the lawn, growing in huge clumps. The only islands of green in a sea of burnt yellow grass.

Haven't seen any fairies yet though. I hope I'm not destroying their natural habitat.

I love these Flower Fairies books, I have them all from my childhood. Poems and pictures by Cecily M. Barker.

When little elves have cut themselves,
Or Mouse has hurt her tail,
Or Froggie's arm has come to harm,
This herb will never fail.
The Fairy's skill can cure each ill
And soothe the sorest pain;
She'll bathe, and bind, and soon they'll find
That they are well again.

Just what I need for my foot!

YoungerSon came by on the way to a Volvo meet with some of his Volvo aficionado friends

And the Day Lilies are in bloom....


  1. Nice images for a lazy Sunday.

  2. Summer sun??????? Whats that??? We need canoes over here!!!

  3. Careful, please, for the faeries sake. Perhaps you should just keep that foot up and read the rest of the day.

  4. Hi there,

    This is my first visit to your lovely blog...I really like the photographs. Glad to hear that you found time to enjoy the weekend.

    Marie x

  5. Your lazy day images are really nice. Just please don't disturb the fairies.
    Pamper yourself and that foot.

  6. Hi, I only wish our grass was dying for lack of water,on our campsite some unlucky souls are splashing about in the mud and even then we are fortunate compared to some. Lovely flower photo's.

  7. Good idea to take it easy and take care of your foot!
    As a Swede, born in Gothenburg, the hometown of Volvo, I'm of course flattered by your sons's particular interest in these cars. It's actually a shame, but I never owned a Volvo!

  8. I love day lilies and used to have many different varieties in our last garden. A year on and I still haven't had a chance to get planting in this one, but if the rain ever stops I might just have a day digging a new planting area!

    What a beautifully shiny car. I wish mine looked like that!

    Shall be packing up and sending off your parcel today!


  9. Sorry to hear about your foot, get well soon!

  10. The flower fairy books sound interesting!

  11. Hey! Give us some sun, have you hogged it all and left little old England with all the pissy stuff?


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